Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

It protects the insured from the risks of liabilities imposed by lawsuits or similar claims.

Personal Liability

This coverage offers compensation for legal expenses and medical costs when the insured is found liable for damages or injuries to others on his/her property.

Public Liability

The policy covers the insured against the financial risk of being found liable to a third party for death or injury loss or damage of property or pure economic loss resulting from the client’s negligence.

Employers Liability

It protects the insured against lawsuits due to employment-related injuries or illnesses. The lawsuits can come from the employee, his/her family members, relatives and third parties.

Product Liability

This cover protects the manufacturer or distributor from claims related to the manufacture or sale of these goods to the public.

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity policy provides comprehensive protection for against claims for financial loss, injury or damage arising from an act, error or omission in the performance of the professional services.

Environmental Liability

It protects the insured (polluting party), for any and all damage caused to the environment by its activities.